When long time Hammerton customers began creating their luxury waterfront retreat on Cape Cod, they knew exactly who to come to for the home's decorative lighting.

The project required custom fixtures that reinterpreted the home's maritime architecture and interior style through subtle design elements. “The goal was to quietly celebrate the nautical heritage of the Cape Cod location through the lighting design,” says Levi Wilson, Hammerton founder and VP of Design who worked with Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders and Surroundings Custom interiors on the project. “We wanted the design to be thoughtful and timeless, rather than obviously thematic."

The Hammerton design team achieved that objective through maritime-inspired design silhouettes, interesting materials like prismatic lighthouse glass, and finishes that nodded to both brass and steel. In all, Hammerton crafted 46 light fixtures reflecting  17 different custom designs conceived exclusively for the home.

Photography: Brian Vanden Brink


Above the dining table, a decorative light fixture features old-fashioned style bulbs 'protected' by metal cages just as one might see on a frigate. Many light fixtures in the project feature two-tone nickel finishes with brass accents, as a historic nod to the utilitarian heritage of brass in ornamental and functional maritime metalwork. Additionally, optic rib glass is used throughout many fixture styles, reinterpreting the refraction of light from a lighthouse.

In addition to lighting, Hammerton also custom designed and created much of the home's furniture, including barstools, the dining table and chairs, and a coffee table crafted from an old ship wheel. 

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