Meticulously made to be extraordinary

Distinctively unique lighting that emerges from humble beginnings - Hammerton's prowess in artisan glass manufacturing is perfectly reflected in our Crystal Fused glass designs. Made from broken glass, Crystal Fused glass elevates an ordinary material into extraordinary lighting that lends itself to many current styles.


Distinctively UNIQUE

Fabrication of each luxurious panel of Crystal Fused glass takes four labor-intensive steps. The magic happens in the Hammerton glass studio where the frit is laid out on jigs in our kilns, fused together to create a sheet, slumped to form a shape, cold worked to smooth edges, and drilled to accommodate hardware. The end result is a luminous material with a unique edge detail and glistening crystal-like sheen that diffuses light magically.  Thanks to our in-house glass artisans and our expertise in glass manufacturing, Hammerton is one of the few lighting designers who dare to make this complex, delicate material - which makes Crystal Fused glass a rare gem in the design world. 


The rough organic edges of Crystal Fused Glass beautifully complement rustic designs, while simple forms perfectly suit contemporary settings. We offer Crystal Fused Glass in several fixture styles and functions, which allows you to showcase this captivating material in a variety of spaces. Click on any image for detailed product information. 


Crystal Fused glass can stand alone or layer with other materials - bringing elegance to steel and a softening glow to industrial-style mesh.