Collection: Contemporary
Category: Pendants
Fixture: LA2205
Choose your preferred finish, shade, lens or decorative options from the selections below. You can also scale or modify this fixture to suit unique requirements. Contact your Hammerton representative for more information.
Finish: Dark Nickel Options: Glass - Light Motif: N/A
Additional Images
  • LA2205
  • LA2205
Options Configurator
  • Standard Metallic Finishes
  • Argento Grey
    Argento Grey
  • Flat Bronze
    Flat Bronze
  • Matte Black
    Matte Black
  • Metallic Beige Silver
    Metallic Beige Silver
  • Seaside Silver
    Seaside Silver
  • Slate Grey
    Slate Grey
  • Smoked Bronze
    Smoked Bronze
  • Statuary Bronze
    Statuary Bronze
  • Tempered Bronze
    Tempered Bronze
  • Standard Mottled Finishes
  • Antique Bronze
    Antique Bronze
  • Antique Copper
    Antique Copper
  • Antique Iron
    Antique Iron
  • Autumn Harvest
    Autumn Harvest
  • Pewter - Stippled
    Pewter - Stippled
  • River Rust
    River Rust
  • Tuscan Arbor
    Tuscan Arbor
  • Premium Finishes
  • Premium-Dark Bronze
    Premium-Dark Bronze
  • Premium-Dark Nickel
    Premium-Dark Nickel
  • Premium-Light Bronze
    Premium-Light Bronze
  • Premium-Light Nickel
    Premium-Light Nickel
  • Acrylic - Dark with Sheen
    Acrylic - Dark with Sheen
  • Acrylic - Dark without Sheen
    Acrylic - Dark without Sheen
  • Acrylic - Light with Sheen
    Acrylic - Light with Sheen
  • Acrylic - Light without Sheen
    Acrylic - Light without Sheen
  • Acrylic - Onyx with Sheen
    Acrylic - Onyx with Sheen
  • Glass - Clear Seeded
    Glass - Clear Seeded
  • Glass - Dark
    Glass - Dark
  • Glass - Frosted Seeded
    Glass - Frosted Seeded
  • Glass - Light
    Glass - Light
Bottom Diffuser: Same as Lens
Top Diffuser: Steel
1-100 Watt
One Size: H:36" W:12" D:12" 35 lbs
UL Rating
Dry: A location not normally subject to dampness, but may include a location subject to temporary dampness, as in the case of a building under construction, provided ventilation is adequate to prevent an accumulation of moisture.