At Hammerton, we've spent two decades refining our metal fabrication skill set to serve the hospitality industry. We know that success demands a comprehensive inventory of capabilities that address design as well as functional and cost requirements.

Most importantly, it requires a versatile team of world-class artisans who are equally disciplined in old and new fabrication processes. Time-honored skills like blacksmithing, metal sculpting and texturing bring hand-hewn aesthetic detail to traditional and organic fixtures, while high-precision machining and cutting technologies facilitate the clean lines and polished surfaces of more contemporary designs, as well as higher quality and lower cost.

We routinely do short runs of high tolerance functional components and build custom tooling and jigs for rapid fixture fabrication and assembly. This enables us to stamp or mill specific fixture parts, machine field-adjustable cups, thread a tight tolerance base or arrange a cost-effective shipping configuration..


Over the last several years we've developed a unique set of glass capabilities following our purchase of Lightspann, an award-winning lighting brand best known for its sculptural creations in all forms of artisan glass.

Today we work in all types of glass. Fixtures feature blown, kiln-fired, slumped, fused, sand etched and hand-painted glass materials in a variety of forms, colors and textures -- all of which can be customized. Designs extend well beyond traditional glass bowls and semi-rounds to include complex drapes, angular folds up to 90 degrees, large scale sculptural elements, drums made entirely of hand textured glass, and more.

Glass provides a limitless platform for design innovation, combining the captivating qualities of light, color, texture and form in a single medium. With our broad custom capabilities and deep in-house expertise at the intersection of glass and metal, Hammerton is laying the blueprint for a new era in lighting design.